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adv 316 exam 1 review session

adv 316 exam 1 review session - 24 2004...

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The Majority of the Test is composed of Notes from Lecture Comparing the famous writer people to one another, who is similar who is different Naming each famous writer people what they are (subjective, constructionist…ect..) Know each of their models, or what they came up with (A lot of Wallas’s and Amabile) Comparing all the subjective, constructionist, intelligence, intellect, divergent, lateral, linear, all of those to one another Know all the validity, reliability, Iconist, symbolizes, Review a little about Tipping Point, of what is epidemic and what is tipping, Review: law of context, law of few…etc.. Mom. Oct. 16 Amy's Answering Machine (from NPR's Driveway Moments collection) (7.562 Mb) Lecture #10 - Strategy for Creativity and the Creative Brief. (50.234 Kb) Required listening for today: 1. Sir. Ken Robinson speach at TED conference 2006: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4964296663335083307 2. Exploring the Process of Inventing - Talk of the Nation, NPR (December
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Unformatted text preview: 24, 2004) http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4244179 How do great inventors like Dean Kamen (the Segway), Woody Norris (diagnostic ultrasound), and Max Levchin (PayPal) come up with their innovative ideas? A new book claims that most of them follow an 11-step process. We explore the process of inventing. Adv 316 Review Session Ask yourself: what is my professor going to ask me? Understand all concepts! Nothing in detail Linear thinking is how we think 99% of the time: logic and experience Lateral thinking: there is not an actual problem, thinking outside the box and goes against logic. Skepticism kill Lateral thinking because of all the logic. One of the cultures either pop or the other one is missing the “big picture” which is talking about the history of culture and stuff. It only has Way of Life and Works....
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