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adv 316 Midterm_Review_Sheet - Advertising 316 Fall 2006...

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Advertising 316 – Fall 2006 Midterm Review Sheet Keys to success on this midterm exam (or in any other college exam): 1. Your assigned readings/audio/videos will count toward approximately 30% of your exam but don’t spend hours pouring over every detail in them. Make sure you understand major concepts and can apply them to new situations. 2. In terms of The Artist Way and The Tipping Point – If you’ve read both books thoroughly once, when they were assigned, you should be able to do well if you just skim through some of the major concepts and examples in each chapter without having to read the whole book again. 3. Remember that I’m more concerned with your ability to apply what you’ve learned rather than how well you can memorize details and give it back to me. 4. In that sense, every semester I encounter a small number of students who have all the intelligence (knowledge) to succeed in this test yet they haven’t practiced their intellect as much (ability to apply that knowledge), which might affects how well they do on the test. 5. A few of the midterm exam questions will be based on short readings that offer a context for applying your knowledge. 6. When going over the slides or central topics in your notes/readings/audio/videos ,
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This note was uploaded on 11/29/2010 for the course ADV 316 taught by Professor Avni during the Spring '07 term at University of Texas.

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adv 316 Midterm_Review_Sheet - Advertising 316 Fall 2006...

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