Adv 316 syllabus - V AD 6 31 creativity theory X practice...

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creativity in many shapes and forms. Be prepared to live the creative life you're studying. .. Starting now. Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to readings will be posted prior A D V 3 1 6 theory X practice creativity A T T E N D A N C E Attendance is required. In-class exercises and participation counts toward 10% of your class grade. For more details on this, see the Evaluation section. C I V I L I T Y We’ll be discussing a wide range of topics in this course, some of which involve the consideration of opposing viewpoints. This is central to academic life. Share your opinions, but remember to treat others with respect. C O U R T E S Y In large classes, distractions can abound. Cell phones or other electronic devices that ring or beep should be silenced before entering class. If you’re late, please don’t enter the room, it disturbs the flow of the class and it’s simply rude. course policies
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course overview This course is an exploration of creative thinking. We'll explore creativity from two perspectives: theory-based scholarship and practical implications. Both are important to a critical understanding of how ideas work in the world and they often work in tandem to produce creative work. Think smart. Think weird. Work hard, play hard. Take risks. Invent. Explore. Innovate. Share. You’ve probably noticed that this is a BIG class. Big classes often feature monotone lectures, little or no interaction, disinterested students and enough anonymity to guarantee a wonderful, late afternoon nap. I’m going to do everything I can to work against these norms. I want you all to be excited, involved and rewarded for being here every Monday and Wednesday. You'll have to meet me halfway.
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Adv 316 syllabus - V AD 6 31 creativity theory X practice...

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