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perfect scene paper - have the courage to follow her heart...

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Name: Thanh Pham / EID: tdp287 Movie: Imagine Me & You Scene: Changes are hard, but they are possible Time: Beginning Scene 13 The first 0 – 65 seconds Rachel has recently gotten married in a very traditional environment where a man and a woman fall in love and live happily ever after. However, on her wedding day, she happened to meet a woman, Luce and thinks she has fallen in love with her. Rachel, who has just gotten married does not think she could ever leave her husband and follow her heart to be with another person especially a woman. What would her parents think of her? What would the community think of her? Her poisonous playmates mother thinks the idea is absurd and will not allow it. Can Rachel change herself and her image and follow her heart? I think that although it may seem impossible to change, it is quite possible. Take Rachel for example; who would have thought a traditional, well raised-up girl would ever
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Unformatted text preview: have the courage to follow her heart to be with Luce and disobey her parents. The community, including her friends and family would think that Rachel is just going insane and does not know what she wants. They can not see it from her perspective as following’s one heart and going after who they love. Although in other scenes, it almost seemed as if Rachel was going to turn around and stick by the traditional side, she ended up choosing to leave her husband. In an interactive assignment, I would ask the class the main question. Is it possible for people to change or are they born or brought up like that? Is there a higher force that decides our ultimate destiny such as love? I would have them use the clicker and see their votes and the results may surprise you....
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