2electron dot structures- Spring 2006 - Sparks

2electron dot structures- Spring 2006 - Sparks - geometries...

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Molecule Dot structure HED Electronic Geometry Molecular Geometry Angle Polar? _ _ _ O 3 IO -O=OI 3 trigonal planar angular 116.8 no (120 is a good estimate.) _ H 2 O H-O -H 4 tetrahedral angular 104.5 yes (109.5 is a good estimate.) During the review we covered the electron dot structure, electronic and molecular
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Unformatted text preview: geometries, HEDs, polarity, and intermolecular forces of several molecules listed below: XeF2 BrO3F BeCl2 NF3 COCl2 SO2 SF2 CCl4...
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