6intermolecular forces pg12-14- Spring 2006 - Sparks

6intermolecular forces pg12-14- Spring 2006 - Sparks -...

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Intermolecular Forces for: Carbon dioxide: dispersion HCN: dipole-dipole CCl 2 F 2 : dipole-dipole Boron trichloride: dispersion Nitrate ion: don’t worry about this one, as it would just be part of an ionic compound BeI 2 : dispersion Phosphorous trichloride: dipole-dipole NH 2 CN: hydrogen bonding
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Unformatted text preview: Sulfur hexachloride: dispersion Iodine pentafluoride: dipole-dipole Xenon tetrafluoride: based on what we learned in 304K, you do not know how to determine the geometry or the symmetry of this molecule, so you cannot determine its polarity or intermolecular forces....
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