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1. Safe Drinking Water Act: 1974 a. Requires EPA regulate contaminants 2. Clean Water Act: 1972 a. Provide foundation for surface water solution b. Better for aquatic organisms c. Less clean-up required before using as drinking water 3. Water Purification a. Screen to filter large objects (fish, cans) b. Add 3calcium hydroxide + aluminum sulfate = 2aluminum hydroxide + 3calcium sulfate c. Filter through sand and gravel d. Aeration (taste better) e. Disinfection (add chlorine to kill bacteria 4. Chlorination: cheapest way a. Add NaOcl, Cl 2, or Ca(OCL)2 b. Results: hypochlorous acid, HOCL, 0.075-0.6 ppm c. Protects against bacteria passes through pipes 5. Ozonation: produce with electrical charges a. Advantages i. No chemical taste ii. Less toxic (trihalomethane) iii. More effective against virus b. Disadvantages i. More expensive ii. No residual protection (travel through pipes) 6. UV radiation
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Unformatted text preview: a. Advantages i. Fast ii. Economical for small treatment plants b. Disadvantages i. No residual protection 7. Other Alternatives a. Add Ca(OH) 2 to neutralize acid, too acidic will corrode heavy metals b. Add 1 ppm NaF to protect against tooth decay i. Too much fluorine is bad 8. Common Water issues a. Water hardness b. Lead c. Trihalomenthanes 9. Acid: sour, litmus paper turn red, react with Carbonate to form CO 2 10. Base: bitter, slippery on skin, litmus paper turn blue 11. Arrhenius Theory a. Bases: hydroxide (OH-) donor b. Acid: proton donor 12. Bronsted-Lowry Theory a. Acids: proton donor b. Bases: proton acceptors 13. Amphoteric: act as acid or base 14. Neutralization reactions a. Acid + Base Salt + Water b. Salt: metal and non metal 15. Acidic Solution: (H + ) > (OH-)...
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