Syllabus - Fall 2006 - Sparks

Syllabus - Fall 2006 - Sparks - Syllabus, Chemistry 305 Dr....

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Syllabus, Chemistry 305 Dr. Stacy Sparks Fall 2006 Textbook for course: Chemistry in Context , McGraw Hill publishers, 5th edition Course unique number: 54860 Course meets in Welch 1.308 MWF 8-9 am Dr. Sparks Office: Welch 4.312 Office Hours: MWF immediately after class in cubicle A outside of classroom or by appointment No office hours will be held on exam dates. Email: ***Email is generally the best way to get a hold of me outside of office hours – you will get a much faster response than if you leave a message on my voicemail. Please see the notes below about use of email and the blackboard discussion page. Teaching Assistant: Kristin Benson Office Hours: Held in cubicle A in the Welch 1.300 hallway. Monday - 3:00-4:00 Wednesday - 4:00-5:00 Friday - 2:00-3:00 Email: Use of Email and Discussion Pages For general questions over course policies or materials, please do NOT email us individually. Instead, please post your question in the relevant folder on our Blackboard discussion board. This way other students can benefit from the answer to your question and we won’t spend our time answering the same questions multiple times, leaving us more available for office hours and other one-on-one help. Plus, you can scan through the questions and benefit from other students’ questions and answers. Either the TA or I will check Blackboard at least once each weekday, so you will get a quick response. To encourage frequent checking of the webpage and utilization of the discussion board, I may periodically post opportunities for bonus points on the discussion board. I will always provide you at least 24 hours to respond to these bonus opportunities, so as long as you check the page at least once per day you should not miss them. For more personal questions or questions you are not comfortable posting on the discussion board, please email us directly at the above email addresses. All questions about the mechanics of the homework server or grading problems should be posted on the discussion board or directed to the TA. Exam Schedule Exam 1: Wednesday, September 20 Exam 2: Wednesday, October 11 Exam 3: Wednesday, November 1 Exam 4: Wednesday, December 6 Final Exam: Wednesday, Dec. 14 7-10 pm
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Basis of Course Grades Exams - All exams will be given during the scheduled class times. No student will be allowed to leave the exam before 8:25 am and no student arriving after 8:25 am will be permitted to take the exam. You must show up to your assigned exam rooms; room assignments will be posted on the web. You must bring three things to each exam: 1. your valid University ID. 2.
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Syllabus - Fall 2006 - Sparks - Syllabus, Chemistry 305 Dr....

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