Class schedule- Fall 2006 - Cleveland

Class schedule- Fall 2006 - Cleveland - T 31 Real World...

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Class Activity Schedule Fall 2006 August Th 31                    IS in Organizations September T 5       The Networked Economy  Th 7                     Telecommunications T 12       The Business Fair Th 14           The People Factor T 19                    Describing Data Th 21       Shape of Distributions T 26       The Normal Curve    Th 28       Central Limit Theorem and Confidence Intervals October T 3 Exam 1 Th 5       Group Work Day T 10       Sampling and Experimental Design Th 12           Hypothesis Testing T 17       Hypothesis Testing Th 19       Hypothesis Testing T 24                     Exam 2 Th 26                   Organizing Data
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Unformatted text preview: T 31 Real World Application Day November Th 2 Systems Development T 7 Security, Privacy Issues Th 9 The Business Sleuth T 14 Leadership in Business Th 16 Motivation (Interview Synthesis Paper Due /// Trade-Show Meeting ) T 21 Group Work Day Th 23 Thanksgiving T 28 Putting it all Together Th 30 Exam 3 December T 5 FAIR Set-Up in Union Ballroom W 6 BUSINESS FAIR Th 7 Make-Up Day for Exams 1,2,3 (University Excused Absence)...
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