Exam 1 - Readings for Exam 1- Fall 2006 - Cleveland

Exam 1 - Readings for Exam 1- Fall 2006 - Cleveland - Th 7

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MIS 311F readings for Exam 1 Sun, Sep 10, 2006 -- 2006_fall_03690_MIS_311F : Readings for Exam 1 I am so PROUD of you all! Many have asked for the readings all the way to Exam 1 so you could stay on task. ..so, here they are: August Th 31 IS in Organizations Pages 255-298 September T 5 The Networked Economy Pages 298-346 SCAN ONLY ¿ largely lecture only here
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Unformatted text preview: Th 7 Telecommunications Pages 386 - 434 T 12 The Business Fair None Th 14 The People Factor Pages 1-71 T 19 Describing Data Pages 637-679 Th 21 Shape of Distributions Pages 679-697 T 26 The Normal Curve Pages 697-717 Th 28 Central Limit Theorem/CI Pages 731-770 October T 3 Exam 1 Remember, SCAN before class, come to class and take good notes THEN, READ the SECTIONS discussed in class and re-SCAN the remainder. Posted by Lynda Cleveland...
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