Exam 2 review- Fall 2006 - Cleveland

Exam 2 review- Fall 2006 - Cleveland - Researchers at UT...

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Researchers at UT designed a study to investigate the effect of drinking bear on grade-point avg. Subjects were asked to record the amt of beer consumed each day for a month. At the end of the experiment, researchers calculated the correlation between the amount… 1. What is the dependent variable, and confounding variable in this experiment? a. Dependent variable or response variable = Grade Point Average b. Independent = explanatory c. Confounding variable or lurking variable = tolerance of alcohol A nationwide sample of leading Republicans and Democrats were asked as a part of a comprehsive survey whether they favored lowring environmental standards so that high- sulfur coal could be burned in coal-fired power plants. The results were: Republicans democrats Number sample 1,000 800 Number in favor 200 168 2. Learn Significance about the problem! 3. After carefully analyzing the available food supply and the world population, several environmentalist have concluded that the world will experience a world wide food shortage by the year 2010. This conclusion involves a. Statistical inference 4. An individual political affiliation is: a. Qualitative and discrete 5. Which standard score best corresponds with the 90 th percentile? (What’s the Z
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Exam 2 review- Fall 2006 - Cleveland - Researchers at UT...

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