Exam 3 - Review [Version 2] - Fall 2006 - Cleveland

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Exam 3 Review 1. Management Information Systems: an organized collection of people, procedures, databases and devices to provide routine information to managers and decision makers 2. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 3. Communication Cycle 4. Communication Roles a. Gatekeepers: secretary b. Liaisons: mediation c. Isolates: graveyard shift d. Cosmopolites 5. DeBono’s Thinking Hats (the colors) a. http://www.debonoconsulting.com/Six_Thinking_Hats.asp 6. Frequency Distribution a. A frequency distribution is a grouping of data into categories showing the number of observations in each mutually exclusive category
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Measures of Central Tendency a. Mean b. Median c. Mode 8. Population vs. sample 9. Standard Deviation a. A value, that when calculated, allows for a standard to be created. Then a base of difference or deviation difference can be applied 10. Hypothesis Testing a. State null and alternative hypothesis b. Select a level of significance c. Formulate a decision rule d. Identify the test statistic e. Take a sample, arrive at a decision i. (Reject or fail to reject the null) 11. Statistical significance 12. Transformation Process...
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