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Sam Cummings Pf. Mello Public Communication Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water INTRODUCTION: -You have two options; grab a bottle of Poland springs from the fridge, or pour a glass of water into a water bottle to take with you on your way out the door, which is easier? In a society based on its civilians desire to get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible, it is understandable the vast majority of people would grab the bottled water. Beyond that decision there is much more; health factors, contaminants, and taste. Water from France must taste better then water found in a public fountain in NYC, no? BODY OF SPEECH: -In a study led by John Stossel and the 20/20 team, 5-bottled water companies were put against water found in Central Park, NYC in a blind taste test. The results were; 1 st a water bottle found in a Kmart clearance section, 2 nd Aquafina, tied for third was tap water along with Iceland Spring, and in last place was Evian, not only the most expensive of all 5, but also received the highest recognition from buyers before taking the test. -well if this shows how misconstrued the belief is that tap water tastes worst then bottled water, what is left? The market for bottled water started gaining popularity in 2005, before then there had
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BottledWaterSpeech - Sam Cummings Pf Mello Public...

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