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10 CHILIT - when they figured this out By becoming head of...

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19:23 Chinese Literature 11/9/2010 1368-1644 Ming Dynasty -under rule of chu/zhu. In 1644, the manchus took control of China, first time since the Mongols took it in  the Yuan Dynasty. K’un Ch’u- the entire play, “Southern Drama” Su K’un sheng- The kun sheng kid, was a singer. Wei Liang-fu: a director/producer. They started a new kind of drama together that changed theatre forever. K’ung Shang-jen (1648-1718) a play write. He was the 64 th  generation descendent of Confucius. He was the head of the Confucius temple in Chu-fu, he inherited this position 
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Unformatted text preview: when they figured this out. By becoming head of this temple he became somewhat of a Confucius pope. K’ang-hsi 1668-1722-took the throne as a boy, ends up being one of the greatest emperor’s in Chinese history. China would engage in some of the greatest public service. K’ung Shang-jen wrote a lecture for Emperor K’ang-shi Dai- to take the place of somebody else, to suffer pain in place of someone else out of filial piety, goodness of ones heart....
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