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17:00 Wang Wei Mo-Chieh- going to be a layman, it means vimalakirti, who was the  most famous layman. Han Shan (early 9 B.C.) Wrote 300 poems, carowalk used some of his poems Hui-neng (639-716)-religious leader Buddhist monk A young wang wei may have heard him talk A teaching of doctrine of wisdom-Bodhidharma His teachings were brought to liuzu tanjing o Platform Sutra of the Patriarch #6
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Unformatted text preview: • Wu-nien: no thought, a state of mind in which the flow of thoughts have been stopped, or the mind has detached itself from the flow of thought. The goal of Buddhist meditation. Pg. 263 Columbian Book of Poetry #8 Li Bo-Bai- when his mother gave birth to him she saw the star (taibo) • Beloved in China Yuefu “music bereau poetry”...
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