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Chinese Lit 21st - book. Long lines of emperors had died...

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Grand Cannal during the Sui dynasty created was the largest cannal of the time 220-589- Three Kingdom Period, China was divided into three sections. Six Dynasty’s- Very weak dynasties, none were strong enough to take the north. Philosophers Stone- Once obtaining said stone, you would gain omniscience and longevity forever. Dan- Elixer, provides you with knowledge of all things, so that you can become immortal, and also ascend to heaven. Guo Pu- very interested in alchemy Floating Hill and Vast Cliff, two different God’s Bao pu zi-Name Ge Hong gave to himself. The master who embraces simplicity. The master who embraces an uncarved block of wood. James Ware has translated part of the
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Unformatted text preview: book. Long lines of emperors had died due to mercury poisoning. Shu Herb and water diet Proto-fiction c. 315 Gan Bao- a record of seeking for the Gods, in search of the supernatural. I started out as a skeptic He said that he saw the immortals, and he became a believer, he wants to believe the supernatural is real. Foxs-hua, with the ability to transform oneself. His sons took him to be the demon, and killed him. Your father has a very malevolent auro. An exorcism was being performed on Lit. Criticism 261-303 Wen Fu-process of creativity, written by Ji...
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Chinese Lit 21st - book. Long lines of emperors had died...

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