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Amanda Fachler – CMLT 275 Reflection 2: Meena Starting the story with her illness, Chavis immediately made notice of Meena’s strength. Struggling through her typhoid fever, which most children died from, Meena recovered and knew that she was given this second chance. She knew of her blessing, believing there was some deeper meaning as to why she had survived. She was extremely grateful for her education, as she was the first generation of women in her family to have one. She utilized this education and she became focused. Meena became a heroine. No one could say that acquiring the education that she did, or accomplishing anything that she did was easy. She was living in a place where the Muslim culture was being mixed with ideas from Western civilization, where education for women was fairly new, and where intelligence was a weapon. Rather then being told what to do, Meena had to make up her own mind. Meena quickly formulated her own strong opinions and had no issues expressing them. This trait of Meena’s continued throughout her life, and
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