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CCJS 230 CRIMINAL LAW IN ACTION SPRING, 2008 Instructor: Russ Hamill Office: 2220W LeFrak Hall E-Mail: Phone: 301-405-4851 Ofc. Hrs: Wednesday, immediately after class – or by appointment Class: Wednesday, 4:00 – 6:45 Location: Shoemaker Lecture Hall T/A’s: To Be Announced Course Overview: The goal of this course is to give the student an overview and understanding of how the criminal law applies to our society. The student will be introduced to the application of the criminal law, the elements of various crimes, and the limits of the criminal law in today’s world. This is not a course in the Maryland criminal law, although we will certainly read cases from Maryland. This course will cover the states as a whole, as well as our federal criminal law system. Course material: Samaha, Joel (2005). Criminal Law, (Ninth Edition). University Identification Numbers (UID’s):
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UID’s will be used to grade all assignments in this class. When assignments are due, please write your name, UID number, the date and the course number in the upper right hand corner of the first page. DO NOT use your social security number! Course Requirements (grading): 1. Case Briefs/Class Participation: There are court cases to be briefed for twelve classes. Each student is expected to have each assigned case briefed for every class and to hand a copy of the briefed cases in at the beginning of class. The case briefs are to be typed, double spaced and in a 12 point type set. The cases to be briefed are listed on the syllabus and are due on the day listed. As this course is nearly 3 hours long, I will give a 20 minute allowance at the beginning of each class where I will accept assignments. After 4:20 pm (by my watch) the assignments will not be accepted and the student will
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