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History 157: United States History from 1865 to Present, Dr. Smead Teaching Assistant: Dave Holte Discussion Sections: 0201: Wednesday 10:00-10:50 KEY 0117 0203: Monday 2:00-2:50 JMZ 1120 0204: Monday 10:00-10:50 KEY 0124 0206: Wednesday 9:00-9:50 KEY 0123 Office: KEY 3116 Office Hours: Monday 3-4, Wednesday 11-12, or by appointment. E-mail: dholte@umd.edu . Mailbox: On the third floor of KEY. Purpose: These sessions are opportunities for you to ask questions, clarify concepts from lecture, discuss readings, interpret primary sources, and explore the major themes of US History. As students, your task is to master the material presented in the readings, lectures, and discussions and analyze that information to formulate an interpretation of US History. Expectations: Being a student comes with several basic expectations. Come to class on time and participate in discussion with your classmates regarding issues that arise in the readings and in lecture. In a discussion, the impetus for discussion rests with the students, not the Teaching Assistant. Turn off your cell phones and avoid any disruptive behavior. Respect your fellow students regardless of ability, age, political affiliation, gender, ethnicity, race, religions, sexual orientation, et cetera. Complete all the readings before class and set aside some time to formulate some questions, interpretations, and thoughts on the readings—be sure to have supporting evidence. Bring your readings to every class, as it will be useful to reference passages. Attend lectures, take notes, and read the textbook as this will aid your preparation for exams and help in discussion sections. Assignments/Grading: I will grade your participation in discussion sections and your exams. Participation in discussion is crucial and constitutes 20% of your final grade. Discussion grades are based on insightful discussion of the readings and short quizzes. Another 10% of your final grade will come from two 2-3 page writing assignments in class (5% each). For those assignments you will read the primary sources assigned for the week, analyze the documents, place them in historical context, and make an argument concerning their relevance for US History. You should be able to answer questions
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HolteSectionSyllabus - History 157: United States History...

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