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Amanda Fachler Final Project Memo CHOICE 2. Or you may choose to critique the syllabus: was there something missing from this class? Maybe you have a suggestion about what to add to the syllabus to make it more interesting or relevant or inclusive? Make a case for including your material, but also be sure to make a case for what will be eliminated to make room for this new stuff! For our final project, I have chosen to write a critique of the syllabus. I loved most of the books, but I felt that (as was really brought to my attention when we outlined the map) we didn’t cover as many parts of the world as we could have, and perhaps focused too
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Unformatted text preview: much on the mid-east/Asia. I plan on researching other women’s books (dealing with oppression, declaring freedom, and other similar themes between all of the books) from other parts of the world to include in our syllabus (ie: Grace, Tenacity and Eloquence. The Struggle for Women's Rights in Africa by Shereen Karmali and Firoze Manji), and change some of the readings around a little bit. Additionally, I’m going to try to incorporate a range of movies as well. I plan on doing this so that everything still fits into the semester....
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