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Name:_____________ Topic: _____________ Secondary Role Play: Portrayal of Resolution Situation for Topic Area (Unassigned) Description (points possible) Points 1. Embodiment of Perspective The improvised role play should exemplify that students have fully taken on and understood the perspective of the characters within. They should be able to answer questions in character, clearly illustrate an empathic understanding of a person in the given situation, etc. (5 points) 2. Incorporation of Class Resources/Accuracy of Role Play: Role plays should be based on information garnered from class lectures (or presentations and Flms) as well as any relevant textbooks, articles, handouts, etc. All class materials may be used in informing the role play situation. It should be an appropriate portrayal of a realistic situation relevant to the assigned topic. ***This portion will be graded based on role play observation and the bullet points turned in
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Unformatted text preview: the following day noting class materials that have been incorporated.*** (5 points) 3. Adherence to Assignment: Students must adhere to role play guidelines - 3 minutes in length, respectfu l portrayal of a resolution attempt for a couple in the assigned topic area, appropriate use of resources, etc. (5 points) 4. Preparation: This portion will be based on improvised attempts towards resolution of the con±ict situation presented by another group. Students should illustrate preparedness by knowledge of resolution tactics and protective factors of the given relationship/situation. (5 points) 5. Teamwork: An appropriate division of labor and joint effort in improvised role plays should be evident; both partners should contribute, etc. (5 points) Total:...
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