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Paper #2 You may choose any topic related to what we have learned in class about human development. For example, analyze a movie, review a book, reflect on a current or historical event, etc. You topic needs to have a focus. Narrow it down to a certain age group, a certain population, and a certain aspect of their development. Examples of an appropriate scope for the topic: Teen pregnancy and its affect on the mother’s vocational development; How teenagers are emotionally affected by their parents’ divorce; How parent-child relationship affect college student’s academic performance; The impact of childhood stardom on Michael Jackson’s self-esteem.
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Unformatted text preview: Examples of a topic that is too broad: Obesity in America Young adult’s social and emotional development If you are writing about a particular event (e.g. California voted for same-sex marriage ban), at least three sources of report should be cited to provide less biased information. Relate your topic to at least three concepts we have learned. Analyze your materials using the concepts and theories. Do not simply quote the definitions out of the textbook; you need to discuss them in the context of your materials. 5 papes, double spaced, 12 point font (Times new Roman, Arial), APA style in-text citation, reference page....
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