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FILMS: 10. 30 Days on Minimum Wage Workplace/Wages workplace was outdoors and not right by their house so Alex had to walk and Morgan was freezing, wages were inadequate so Morgan had to work two jobs to even support their cost of living, jobs were unstable they were not covered/insured by their jobs so a simple visit to the doctor was an enormous amount of money, plus they lost their days work of salary by even going to the hospital if they didn’t want to walk then they had to take the bus, buses stopped running at a certain point on the weekend which wasn’t explain anywhere so they had to spend money that they wish they could have saved on a taxi they had very little housing options to stay inside their budget, they ended up having to live on top of a crack den and it was in a very dangerous neighborhood they wanted Morgan’s neice and nephew to enjoy their stay at their apartment, and noticed that everything they wanted to do for leisure involved spending money. Also, supporting two more people who weren’t bringing in an income was a lot of work There were almost no free activities and every place that they went involved a fee that they couldn’t afford. To simply get out of the house, it cost them money Their choices for food were minimal, they ate cheap things such as beans and rice, eating out was hardly an option Because the only time they had at home was used for resting, they began to drift and started fighting. They were both stressed and exhausted after a very long day of physical labor and frustrating work. There was no down time. They got frustrated when the other spent too much money, they were angry, upset
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studyguidetest2 - FILMS: 10. 30 Days on Minimum Wage...

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