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14. What this quote means is that their lives are “already a wreck”. Their whole head is not on the job, as they are highly concerned with many other things. These workers experience anxieties because they have the constant stressor of worrying about their family, paying their bills, living from paycheck to paycheck, and providing food for themselves and their family. They experience inadequacy because they were never taught certain skills such as timeliness, and any prior criminals are not used to assimilating back into society. Recidivism statistics are so high and they are scared that they are going to fall into this trend. They have to deal with personal crises, are fearful of jobs in general, and don’t want to fall back into poverty. Because of this they take
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Unformatted text preview: advantage of their employers often by not showing up to work, and they know that they will never shift upwards within their job. Their main “job” is survival, not their minimum wage occupation. Soft skills •-punctuality, diligence, a “can do” attitude •-work ethic •-many low wage employers prefer workers with soft skills over workers with hard skills (reading, writing, math) because it is easier and less controversial •-soft skills are important in service sector jobs (ie: Burger King and Gap) b/c all the employer really wants is someone to be on time and be clean •-ideal because most minimum wage jobs deal with people skills and require interactions with consumers, these skills and appearance become a must...
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