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PS50 Notes 2 - o Issues that define and separate the...

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Lecture 10/6 Linkage: describe relationship between government officials and democracy o Single member districts… go to one person when needed help, stronger o PR system- more people to district, split up the duties, weaker Comparing Party Systems Counting- all groups w/contested o Simplest…1,2,or more than 2. After introducing a 3 rd party, no one has the majority o Sartiori’s 7 pt scale: one party, Hegemonic, Predominant, Twoparty, Moderate Pluralism, Polarized Plurlism, Atomisation Effective number of parties o ENPP= 1/Σsi squared Si is the party i’s share of seats in the parliament o ENEP= 1/Σvi squared Voters and % of voters Dimensionality of Party system
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Unformatted text preview: o Issues that define and separate the parties cleavages Religion Race Language-most prominent marker of culture Region Urban/Rural Class What is a Political Party? Different than interest groups Parties preceded elections Types of parties o Cadre Party o Mass Party-membership, pay duesalmost dead o Catch-all Party-non membership, all things to all people V.O. Keys 3 part characterization o Party in electorate o Party as organization o Party in government- elected officials Internal Organization of Parties o Every party turns into oligarchy o Democratic? o Factions...
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PS50 Notes 2 - o Issues that define and separate the...

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