Lec. 1 (1-5-10) - 1 Day 1 Intro Psych 9B PSB 11B 1 This...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Day 1 - Intro Psych 9B -- PSB 11B 1 This Class is Psychology Fundamentals B Professor: Ted Wright Times: Tu/Th 8:00 – 9:20 Location: SSLH 100 Psych 9B -- PSB 11B 2 Day 1 - Intro This is a cross-listed course ¡ If you are a Psych or PSB major (or plan to be), be sure to register under the course code appropriate for your major ¡ Those in other majors may register using either course code. 55101 - 8 68101 – 8 Discussion CC 55100 68100 Lecture CC P11B 9B Course Number PSB Psychology Major Psych 9B -- PSB 11B 3 Day 1 - Intro Lecture and Discussion Section Registration ¡ You must be registered in both the lecture and any one of the discussion sections ¡ All Adds/Drops through Week 2 must be done by WebReg – No Add/Drop cards ¢ No Adds after Week 2 ¢ No Drops or change in grade option after Week 6 – Friday, February 12 th (After Week 2, Drops require an Add/Drop card) Psych 9B -- PSB 11B 4 Day 1 - Intro What is this Course? ¡ This course is one in a three-quarter comprehensive introduction to Psychology ¢ The three quarters in this course (9 A/B/C or P11 A/B/C) can be taken in any order ¡ Topics covered this quarter ¢ Memory ¢ Thinking ¢ Language ¢ Cognitive development ¢ Social development Psych 9B -- PSB 11B 5 Day 1 - Intro Teaching Assistants ¡ Administrative Assistant – Amy Escobar (email: escobara ) Amy is the first person to contact for ALL administrative issues, e.g., ¢ Registration problems ¢ I-Clicker and Zaps problems ¢ Grade corrections ¡ Discussion Section Leaders ¢ Amy Escobar ¢ Daniel Mann ¢ Thomas McIntee ¢ Jessamy Norton-Ford ¡ Contact information is listed on the class website ¢ Office hours ¢ Invitation: Tuesday coffee at Phoenix Grill Psych 9B -- PSB 11B 6 Day 1 - Intro Discussion Sections ¡ Discussion sections are not a replacement for the reading or lectures ¢ It is your responsibility to have read the text and gotten the material from the lectures ¢ Discussion and learning exercises will reinforce material covered in the assigned readings and lectures of the previous week ¢ Use discussion to clarify material from the text or the lectures ¡ Attendance is strongly suggested but not required ¡ No discussion section meetings this week ¢ They will start Monday, January 11 th 2 Psych 9B -- PSB 11B 7 Day 1 - Intro Course Materials ¡ Textbook: Gleitman, Reisberg, & Gross Psychology, 7 th edition Norton (2007) ¡ Ancillaries: ¢ The Norton Reader ¢ Study Guide ¢ ZAPS registration ¢ I-Clicker Psych 9B -- PSB 11B 8 Day 1 - Intro Useful Information on the Class Website ¡ Class website is accessible through your MyEEE page or directly at: http://aris.ss.uci.edu/psych/9B/ ¡ Organization page ¢ Answers to all your questions about how this course is run ¡ Instructor/TA & Class Info page ¢ Schedule for discussion sections ¢ Contact and office hour information ¡ Schedule page that contains or has links to ¢ Information about all assignments and links for several of them ¢ Review questions for all of the readings...
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This note was uploaded on 11/23/2010 for the course SOCIAL SCI 68100 taught by Professor Wright during the Winter '10 term at UC Irvine.

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Lec. 1 (1-5-10) - 1 Day 1 Intro Psych 9B PSB 11B 1 This...

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