Fa07m1Crit - CS307 Midterm 1 Solution and Grading Criteria....

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CS307 Midterm 1 Solution and Grading Criteria. Grading acronyms OBOE - Off by one error. Calculation is off by one. AIOBE - Array Index out of Bounds Exception will occur NPE - Null Pointer Exception will occurs ABA - Answer by Accident GCE - Gross Conceptual Error. Did not answer the question asked or showed fundamental misunderstanding NAP - No answer provided. No answer given on test ECF - Error carried forward. BOD - Benefit of the Doubt. Not certain code works, but, can't prove otherwise Gacky or Gack - Code very hard to understand even though it works or solution is not elegant. (Generally no points off for this.) 1. Answer as shown or -2 unless question allows partial credit. No points off for differences in spacing and capitalization. A. 21 B. 13 C. 160 D. 4 6 11 10 13 E. 6 5 3 F. 12 3 G. acxyz H. Yes it can. s could be null despite the commented precondition or the length of s could be 0. (Either reason gets full credit.) I. Syntax error or compile error. (-2 for just error or runtime error) J. false K. true L. 30 M. No. Standard ticket inherits a toString method from the Object class. (Or words to that effect.) N. No. Since the class implements the Comparable interface, but does not implement the method compareTo, it will not compile. (Or words to that effect.) O. 0 2. A simple question on array processing and working with Strings. The most common problems were thinking list was a single String instead of an array of Strings. Also a lot of students did not know how to call the static method isLetter from the Character class. Students could assume non of the elements of list were null. Some very good solutions choose to decompose finding the similarity score into
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Fa07m1Crit - CS307 Midterm 1 Solution and Grading Criteria....

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