WEEK+10+-+Health+Care+Reform (1)

WEEK+10+-+Health+Care+Reform (1) - Social Work & Health...

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General Background According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, there were 45 million people under the age of 65, including close to nine million children, who did not have health insurance in 2007. Over the past decade, the number of uninsured has increased as rates of employer-based coverage have stalled or declined. The increase in loss of insurance was highest among Hispanics compared with Asian, African American, and non-Hispanic white people. Uninsurance rates across states varied from 8.5 percent to 24.1 percent as a result of differences in state economies, patterns of employer coverage, the share of families with low incomes, and the scope of state Medicaid programs. Almost 80 percent of the uninsured are citizens. 1 Each state has deregulated its health care system and lifted regulated rate-setting mandates on hospitals. The subsequent restructuring resulted in a move away from professionally defined structures, such as departments of social work. Social work roles and responsibilities include case management, discharge planning, and working collaboratively on interdisciplinary teams. Services have been made to lessen the regulations governing providers, including social worker services or conditions of participation that are covered by Medicare
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WEEK+10+-+Health+Care+Reform (1) - Social Work & Health...

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