WEEK+11+-+School+Social+Work (1)

WEEK+11+-+School+Social+Work (1) - School Social Work If...

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School Social Work If the only task of teachers was to teach the three R's, their jobs would be easy. But as we know, many factors conspire to make it difficult for some young people to make it through school— among them, poverty, substance abuse, community violence, early sexual activity and family conflicts. School social workers pick up where teachers leave off. They are perhaps the professionals best equipped to address the social and psychological issues that can block academic progress. Through counseling, crisis intervention and prevention programs, they help young people overcome the difficulties in their lives, and as a result, give them a better chance at succeeding in school. About 5% of the nations approximately half a million social workers work in the schools, primarily in public school settings. Besides helping youth with traditional academic problems, social workers aid others whose specific social, psychological, emotional or physical difficulties put them at risk for falling through the cracks. These include homeless youth, gay and lesbian
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WEEK+11+-+School+Social+Work (1) - School Social Work If...

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