WEEK+15+-+Hispanic+Latino+Community (1)

WEEK+15+-+Hispanic+Latino+Community (1) - LET’S TALK...

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Unformatted text preview: LET’S TALK FACTS ABOUT CULTURAL ISSUES AT-RISK GROUPS ACCESS TO CARE CONCLUSION RESOURCES Mental Health in the Hispanic/Latino Community Many older Hispanic Americans find the strain of acculturation overwhelming.Their traditional values and beliefs are often at odds with the new culture, they may lack family support, and they also may face language barriers or be physically infirm. Hispanic/Latino youth also have been found to be at risk for higher levels of emotional distress because of the pressures to rapidly adopt the values of their new culture, as well as inequality, poverty, and discrimination.This stress may account for the high number of suicide attempts (the highest among all ethnic groups in the U.S.), high rates of substance abuse, and increasing rates of juvenile justice involvement among this group. Second and later-generation Hispanic/Latino youth also are at higher risk for mental and emotional disorders. Studies have found that Hispanic/Latino youth suffer from many of the same emotional problems created by marginalization and discrimination, but without the secure identity and traditional values held by their parents. In addition, many Hispanic/Latino immigrant parents place high expectations on later-generation children, hoping they will become part of the American dream. Access to Care Lack of access to mental health services continues to be the most serious problem in the Hispanic/Latino community. Hispanic Americans also use mental health services far less than other ethnic and racial groups. According to recent report, less than 10 percent of Hispanics/Latinos with a mental disorder seek the services of a mental health spet.They also constitute the largest group of uninsured in the...
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WEEK+15+-+Hispanic+Latino+Community (1) - LET’S TALK...

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