course syllabus_1.0_Fall_2010_105.02_Epstein

course syllabus_1.0_Fall_2010_105.02_Epstein - Politics and...

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Politics and Society PHI 105.02: Fall 2010 MWF: 10:40-11:35 Location: Humanities 1023 Professor: Jeff Epstein Office: Harriman Hall 146 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: MW 12:00-1:30 Course Description: This course will provide an historical introduction to philosophy through an analysis of political theories, of political action, and styles of political life. Additionally, students will learn some of the fundamental techniques of the discipline and practice of philosophy, including critical thinking skills, strong reading and writing habits, and developing and supporting arguments. The course will be organized thematically by considering how various thinkers theorize power in their work with the primary objective being to consider ways in which we might live in a more just society. Course Objectives: 1. You will familiarize yourself with the philosophical contributions to political thinking, grasp the difference between political science and political philosophy, and understand how philosophy shapes and is shaped by the political order. 2. You will develop your critical thinking, reading, and writing skills as well as becoming comfortable expressing and defending you ideas with your peers. 3. You will begin to build a foundation for developing the skill of critically self-examining your political intuitions, ideas, and actions. Required Texts: Princeton Readings in Political Thought . Edited by Mitchell Cohen and Nicole Fermon. Princeton University Press: 2006. This reader is available at the campus bookstore as well as Stony Books across the street from the train station. Several readings will come from sources other than the required text. I will provide you with photocopies and/or post electronic versions to Blackboard. Grading Reading Quizzes…………………………30% Attendance and Participation…………….10% Group Presentation……………………. ...15% Final Paper Draft………………………. ..15% Peer Review Paper….……………………15% Final Paper…………………………. ....... 15% 1
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Reading Quizzes: (30%) Readings will be assigned for almost every class meeting. You are expected to read and think carefully about the readings before coming to class. To help you do this, there will be twelve reading quizzes, but only your highest scored ten will count towards your grade. The questions will be drawn directly from the reading and will last no more than 15 minutes. Questions types will include definition, multiple choice, short answer and longer answer. You must take all of the quizzes. Attendance and Participation (10%) Attendance is mandatory. Failure to regularly attend will adversely affect your grade. However, attendance alone is insufficient. Good philosophy and philosophical thinking does not occur in a bubble. Conversation, healthy debate and testing your ideas against the ideas of others are indispensable. Accordingly, participation in class discussion is required for this course. You will be asked to actively contribute to class discussion, and you will be assigned projects which will
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course syllabus_1.0_Fall_2010_105.02_Epstein - Politics and...

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