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PHI 105.02 Prof. Epstein Guided Reading Questions for class meeting 09/15/10 (pgs. 78-84) 1. Will the guardian class be the smallest or largest class? What are the implications for democracy of this determination? 2. According to what principle does Plato place various individuals into various classes? 3. In what sense is bravery a sort of conservation? 4. What is the significance of Socrates’ analogy of dyed wool? What does it have to do with the education of the guardians? 5. What is Socrates’ definition of courage? 6. In what sense is soberness like harmony? In what way is the soul harmonious?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What is his definition of soberness? 8. Why does Socrates claim that the definition of justice was right in front of him from the start of this discussion? 9. What does justice have to do with the principle of one person one job? 10. What is the relationship between justice and the other virtues of wisdom, courage, and soberness? 11. What is the relationship between a just city and a just individual? 12. How does Socrates make the comparison between the city and the individual?...
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