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PHI 105.02 Prof. Epstein Guided Reading Questions for class meeting 09/17/10 (pgs. 84-94) 1. How does Socrates respond to the hypothetical challenge that men and women have different natures and therefore female guardians should have different pursuits from male guardians? 2. What does the example of the bald vs. long-haired cobbler demonstrate? 3. How does Socrates justify his assertion that even if men surpass women in pursuits, there still should be female guardians? 4. Why does Socrates claim that to have female guardians is not only possible but
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Unformatted text preview: also desirable (the best for the state)? 5. Why must there be arranged marriages? 6. Why must the rulers deceive the guardians regarding the arranged marriages? 7. What does breeding animals have to do with the selection of couples? What do you think of this practice? 8. What happens to the children of those guardians who are not the best guardians? What do you think of this practice? 9. Why are women shared and children raised communally? 10. What is the greatest good for a state? The greatest evil?...
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