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PHI 105.02 Prof. Epstein Guided Reading Questions for class meeting 09/27/10 (pgs. 30-39) 1. On page 30 Socrates says that wealth does not bring goodness, but goodness brings wealth and every other blessing. Explain. 2. Explain what Socrates means on page 31 when he self-identifies as a stinging fly. Who/what is he stinging? What does it mean to sting the horse? 3. On 32, Socrates speaks of a voice which dissuades him from doing what he proposes to do. What is it that this voice dissuades him from doing? 4. Socrates says on 32 that the true champion of justice must confine him/herself to private life and leave politics alone. Explain. 5. How does this claim get reconciled with the claim in the Republic that the philosopher-king must descend back into the cave in order to rule? 6. On 34, Socrates refuses to plead for mercy. What is his justification for this? How
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Unformatted text preview: might this make certain jurors feel? 7. What does this position show about his feelings regarding death? 8. On page 35, what does Socrates think his punishment should be? How does he justify this? How might this make the jury feel? 9. Why does Socrates reject banishment as a punishment? 10. Why is the unexamined life not worth living (bottom of 36: the quote is different, but this is what is being said)? 11. After being sentenced to death, on page 37, Socrates states that escaping death is not the issue. What is the real difficulty? Explain in detail. 12. Why will Athens have more critics if they kill Socrates? 13. What does Socrates demand of the jurors who voted for his innocence regarding his children?...
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