Pre-calc exam 1 review

Pre-calc exam 1 review - Pre-Calculus Unit 1(Section P.7...

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Pre-Calculus Unit 1 (Section P.7 – 1.9) Review Section P.7 * linear equations: form is 0, 0 ax b a + = (largest power on variable is 1) * solve linear equations by isolating x on one side of the equation. * equations involving rational equations eliminate the denominators by multiplying each side by the LCD remember to note restrictions on the variable * domain of a rational expression (what ‘x’ can be) * domain restriction of a rational expression (what ‘x’ cannot be) * solving formulas for a specified variable * quadratic equations: form is 2 0, 0 ax bx c a + + = (largest power on variable is 2) * be able to solve by following 4 methods : factoring, square root method, completing the square, or quadratic formula: a ac b b x 2 4 2 - ± - = Memorize!! * the factoring and quadratic formula method requires that we have a zero on one side of the quadratic equation * discriminant is 2 4 b ac - If discriminant is positive: 2 real solutions If discriminant is zero: 1 real solution If discriminant is negative: No real solutions (both answers are imaginary) * solving radical equations by isolating the radical on one side of the equal sign and then squaring each side. REMEMBER TO CHECK SOLUTIONS. * equations involving absolute value isolate the absolute value on one side; set up two equations if you have the absolute value equal to a positive real number Section P.8 * application problems; be able to set up the equations and solve * cost function: cost = fixed cost + variable cost * Pythagorean Theorem: 2 2 2 c b a = + (‘c’ must be the hypotenuse) Memorize!! Section P.9 * interval notation * B A (A intersection B; Think ‘And’); B A (A union B; Think ‘Or’) * linear inequalities – remember to flip the direction of the inequality when multiplying or dividing each side of the inequality by a negative number * absolute value inequalities – two cases… (c is a positive number) (B. box P.171) 1. The inequality, c < expression is written without the absolute value signs as c c < < - expression . This means c < expression AND c - expression . 2.
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Pre-calc exam 1 review - Pre-Calculus Unit 1(Section P.7...

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