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CapturestatsIV Ch4 ex prob #1

CapturestatsIV Ch4 ex prob #1 - Based on the given...

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Unformatted text preview: Based on the given irfi'nrnlatinn, the exponentially smmtheci forecast Ft for the month nfMareh will he Tfljfl‘ thousanci fisllars. {Razmd W respame' r0 hm dacmlplacer} Baseci en the given infmnalien, for the month nfMarch, the Blpflflfllfiflflj' soothes trend Tt will be 0.101 theusanuzi tisllars. £2010de rarpame In rwa dacfmalplaces.) The consputafinns for the whale pens-ti appear in the table helnw. Perlhrrn the calculations fer the firm‘s August iissssme Wynn]? responses In Iwa dacfmlplaces} Month February.r March April Maj.r June Jul}.r August Inseme {$0M s) T510 Tij 156.4 T13 T15 3‘41} Unadjustefi Forecast (Ft) Tflflfl Tfljfl THE} THE? T4359 T4334 T1361 Trend {T t} {H} {110' {112 {1'03 (10'? {113 U. 153'. Atijustecl Forecast (FITt) Tflflfl Tflfifl TQM Tflrlfl Tflfifi TH)? H.551 The mean square& error {MSE} is the average of the squareci (fiHerenses between the foresasteci and nhserved values. 2 (Forecast errsrsjll2 fl MSE = ...
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