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Capturethe example HW5 Part1

Capturethe example HW5 Part1 - Mark Cotteleer owns a...

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Unformatted text preview: Mark Cotteleer owns a company that marmfactures sailboats. Actual demand for Mark‘s sailboats during each seasonin2006 through 2009 was as follows: Year Season 2006 200'? 2008 2009 Winter 1,480 1,200 L040 900 Spring 1,500 1,420 1,620 1,5 80 Summer 1,040 2,140 2,040 1,960 Fall 680 810 650 560 Mark has forecasted that annual demand for his sailboats in 2011 will equal 6,000 sailboats. For the given sales data over the past 4 years, the average seasonal demand is 1,2119“ sailboats (roundyour response to two decimalpfoces). For the given sales data over the past 4 years, the average dernandin spring is 1,530. sailboats (roundJW response to two decimlpfaces) The relationship for determining the seasonality index is: Average Demand Sam M S sonality Index = —_ ea Average Seasonal Demand Based onthe given sales for the past 4 years, the seasonality index for the spring period = 1,191 (roumfyow' response .to two decimlplaces). Based on the given forecast for the year 2011 and using the multiplicative seasonal model: ...
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