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statsIV ch6hw2 problem 1 example 4

statsIV ch6hw2 problem 1 example 4 - Chicago Supply Germany...

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Unformatted text preview: Chicago Supply Germany mamfl'actures papet clips and other office products. Altheugh inexpensive: paper clips have provided the firm with a high margin ofprofitabilily. Samples of40 are taken. Results are given for the last 10 samples. 4 6 5 12 6 6 'F 4 8 4 9 2 10 11 Sample Detectives 4 T 3 a) Establish the comml limits to indude 99.73% ef the random valiafien in defectives. a) Esta- Mean fi‘acfion defecfive (1—)) = .1435 (eHIerJW respome as affection between 0 and I, rounded refiner deem! places). Standard defiatinn ofthe sampling distilmfien (on) = .0560? {enteryour response as afiacfian between 0 and I, :3 rounded to five decimalpihces}. The central linn'ts te- include 99_T3% ofthe tandem vasiatinn in defectives are: UCLP = .3116. (enter your response as a fiacfion between 0 and I, roumfed to three decipmlplaces). LCLP = El (emeryaw' response as afl'acfion between 0 and I, rounded to three decinwlpldces). ® Sorry, that's not correct. Enter any number or expressie 130—13)] LCL =max[0,1_:+3 1” n The smallest value allowed is zero. ...
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