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Unformatted text preview: Stat 180 / C236 Homework 4 J. Sanchez UCLA Department of Statistics Instructions (1) Homework part with R code must be typed and all homework must be answered in the order given (problem 1(a)(b)(c)(d) first, problem 2(a)(b)... second, etc...) (2) Undergrads and grads will answer all questions. (3) Include in each part of the homework only the answer. R code and R output (without mistakes), must be included in the appendix to the question. For example, for question 1.a, write only the answer and your comments. The code and output for that part of the question will be in the appendix (the last part of question 1). (4) No late homework under any circumstances. (5) Write your name and ID this way: Last name, first name, UCLA ID, date, Homework number. (6) Do not just give a number as an answer. For example, if asked for probability that posterior proportion is larger than 0.7, write Prob ( p > . 7) = . 3, say and write comments or explanations if needed....
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