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A. Two of the following will appear on the exam, on one of which you’ll choose to write for 25 minutes. In each case, you should work to develop clearly your argument while incorporating pertinent material and ideas from the text, lectures and especially the source book. 1. “The Puritans, in failing to create the community they desired, contributed richly to making the American world.” Critically evaluate this quotation. 2. Compare and contrast the social ideals, realities and developments in early New England and the South. 3. Explore the role that religions played in colonial American development
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Unformatted text preview: and movements toward social reform and revolution. 4. What elements most impeded and which best aided the development of “American” unity among the thirteen colonies in the 18 th century before the American Revolution. 5. John Winthrop, John Smith, Hector St. Jean de Crevecouer, and Benjamin Franklin all suggested that a new person might grow from the American colonial experience. Critically compare and contrast their visions of this “new man” and consider the validity of their picture....
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