EE302-Explore Engineering-Project 2009

EE302-Explore Engineering-Project 2009 - EE 302 Explore...

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EE 302 Explore Engineering Project Instructions EE 302 Project Fall 2009 Page 1 of 5 The EE 302 Project is designed for you to explore UT-Austin and learn more about the engineering profession. The project will consist of a series of assignments broken up into seven units. Note that some units will require more work than others. It is important that you take this into account when meeting the schedule (see Schedule and Grading below) . For each unit, there is an estimated page length for your write-up. We do not count pages per se; this is an estimate of how many pages the EE 302 instructors feel it will take to cover the subject adequately. The goal is for you to do a good job exploring these topics. If you can do it with less pages, that is fine. If you feel that it is going to take you A LOT more pages than the estimate, then you are probably making the assignment too complex. In that case, we recommend that you come in and talk to your EE 302 instructor about your plans and approach. Unit A: One Page Resume It is important that all engineering students have a resume for externships, summer internships, co-op opportunities, scholarships, etc. Please create a one page resume for this purpose. If you have one from High School, make sure that you updated it. If you need help creating a resume, we strongly suggest that you register with the Engineering Career Assistance Center ( ). Their services are free to all engineering students. Unit B: Ethics & Academic Integrity (Online Quiz) “The University expects all students to obey the law, to show respect for other members of the University community, to perform contractual obligations, to maintain absolute integrity and a high standard of individual honor in scholastic work, and to observe standards of conduct appropriate for a community of scholars.” ( Sec. 11-801 , Institutional Rules on Student Services and Activities ). The faculty of the ECE Department is committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity and to detecting and punishing all instances of academic dishonesty. In view of the importance of this issue and the severity of the potential punishment, it is essential that you fully understand The University’s policies and expectations regarding academic integrity. Please read the material on the website of the Office of the Dean of Students, Student Judicial Services that is related to academic integrity, scholastic dishonesty and the discipline process ( ). After you fully understand this material, then take the “Unit B” test on the EE302 Blackboard website. You will have two opportunities to complete this online test. The test is scored automatically and your grade for this unit will be determined by the higher of your two scores. Unit C:
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EE302-Explore Engineering-Project 2009 - EE 302 Explore...

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