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Presentation Evaluation Form

Presentation Evaluation Form - EE 302 Oral Presentation...

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EE 302 Oral Presentation Evaluation Form Grading Criteria Score INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW (10%) • Was the team introduced (name and members)? • Was the project described/purpose of the presentation given? • Was the structure of the presentation outlined up front? PLANNING, STRATEGY, AND ORGANIZATION (10%) • What organizational plan did the group develop at the beginning of the project? • Were the team’s goals clearly stated? • Was each team member’s role clearly stated? • How well was that plan followed? If not well, why not? What was used instead? DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION, AND INTEGRATION (10%) • Did the group explain the process through which the robot structure was designed? • Did the group explain the process through which the robot program was designed? • Did the group thoroughly explain how the program meets the requirements of the competition? • Did the group explain their techniques for testing the efficacy of the structure and program?
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