M408CFall09syllabus - M408C DIFFERENTIAL AND INTEGRAL...

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M408C DIFFERENTIAL AND INTEGRAL CALCULUS Lecture: MWF 2 :00-3 :00 ECJ 1.202 Discussion Sections (TA sessions) Unique # 56960 TTh 8 :30-9 :30 ENS 116 Unique # 56965 TTh 3 :30-4 :30 JES A303A Unique # 56970 TTh 5 :00-6 :00 RLM 5.116 TEXT : Calculus, 6th ed. Stewart INSTRUCTOR INFO INSTRUCTOR: Altha Rodin OFFICE: RLM 11.110 PHONE: 475-9517 EMAIL: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: MWF 11-11:45 and 1-1:50 TEACHING ASSISTANT INFO TA: Su Chen TA OFFICE: RLM 9.116 PHONE: 475-9133 EMAIL: [email protected] TA OFFICE HOURS: Mondays 5-6, Tuesdays 2-3 (In RLM 9.116). In addition, Su will hold office hours on Wednesdays 7:30-8:30 in Jester dining hall (Jester City Limits) PREREQUISITES Either a 560 on the Mathematics IC Test or 560 on Mathematics Level IIC or a grade of at least C in M304E or M305G. Note: Students who score less than 600 on the Mathematics Level IC Test should be aware that studies show taking M305G first is likely to improve their grade in M408C. HOMEWORK There will be problems assigned after each section is covered. The problems from the text are posted on Blackboard in the Assignments folder, in the document “Text Problems”. The answers to these problems are in the back of the text and solutions are available in the solutions manual. (Note: You are not required to buy the solutions manual.) You will not turn in any of these problems, but it is very important that you do
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M408CFall09syllabus - M408C DIFFERENTIAL AND INTEGRAL...

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