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310F-Sum10-Ex I Grade Dist

310F-Sum10-Ex I Grade Dist - semester-If you have any...

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Accounting 310F - Summer 2010 - Exam I Grade Distribution ≥ 87 A 70 - 86 B 57 - 69 C 46 - 56 D < 46 F Mean 70 SD 17 High 96 NOTES : -This grade distribution is just an approximate conversion of your test score into a letter grade. Please remember that your final grade for the class is determined by your point total for the entire
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Unformatted text preview: semester.-If you have any questions about the grading of Problems 1 - 3, please write your questions (in detail) on a SEPARATE sheet of paper, staple it to the FRONT of your exam, and turn it in to me no later than Monday, 8/2 . After that date, no exams will be considered for regrading....
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