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Accounting 310F - Final Exam - Summer 2010 Material to be covered on the exam : The final exam is comprehensive (see below). Date, time and location of the exam : Saturday, August 14, at 2 PM in WEL 3.502 Final Exam Content : 34 multiple-choice questions (2 points each). Conceptual Quantitative Chapter 1 - 9 8 8 Chapter 11 5 4 Chapter 13 5 4 18 16 1 Problem (16 points) from Chapter 11 1 Problem (16 points) from Chapter 13 Exam Procedures •You will need to have your student ID with you in order to take the exam. ID's will be checked and your attendance will be recorded. •No books, backpacks, large bags or large purses will be allowed at your seat. If you have these items with you, you may leave them at the front or sides of the room. •No cell phones, PDA's or graphing calculators can be at your desk during the exam.
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Unformatted text preview: All you should need to take the exam are pencils, a calculator, and an eraser. We will provide the Scantron. Recommendations for your Final Exam Preparation : 1. Review your PowerPoint slides and class notes. 2. Review the assigned homework problems (including the multiple-choice questions that were assigned for each chapter). 3. Be sure to spend some extra time on Chapters 8 and 9. There are six questions from these two chapters (1 conceptual and 2 quantitative from each chapter) 4. Note that the exam is split approximately 1/3 between old (Chapters 1 - 9) and 2/3 for the new (Chapters 11 & 13) material. 5. My office hours on Saturday: 11 - 1 GOOD LUCK ON THE EXAM!!!!!!...
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