CS336F09SExam 1 - b. wp(y:= x - y; x:= x + y, x y) = c....

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Sample Exam 1 CS 336 General Instructions: Do all of your work on these pages. If you need more space, use the backs (to ensure the grader sees it, make a note of it on the front). Make sure your name appears on every page. Please write legibly and show your reasoning clearly. In your proofs, show a justification for each step. 1. Formalize the following English specification: Let b be an array of length n. Store in c reverse b. 2. Find x to make the following program segment correct. Check. {Q: 0<n} i ,z:= 1, x; {R: 0 i n z = ( j| 1 j<i : j)} 3. (Find the weakest precondition for the following: a. wp(“x, y := x + y, x - y”, x y) =
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Unformatted text preview: b. wp(y:= x - y; x:= x + y, x y) = c. wp(y:= x - y; x:= x + y, x y) wp(y:= x - y; x:= x + y, x > y) = d. wp( i,m:= 0, b[0], 0 i n ( j| 0 j<i: m=b[j])) = e. wp( t :=n-i; if b[i]=0 z:=z+1 & b[i] 0 skip fi, t > n-i-1) 4. For the following: {n>0} i,y:= n, a n {0 i n y= ( j| i j n: a j x j-i )} do i>0 i:= i-1; y:= y*x+a i od {y= ( j| 0 j n: a j x j )} a. Give a bound function for this loop. b. Prove that the invariant holds before the loop begins. c. Prove that the invariant holds after an iteration given it hold before....
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