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F10-Homework 2 Template

F10-Homework 2 Template - Data Subject Subscription Type...

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Customer Service System Project Scope Requirement Type Count Feature 13 3.0 39.0 Data Subject 19 2.0 38.0 User 4 1.5 6.0 Process Definition 5 2.5 12.5 TOTAL 95.5 Resource Rates Yearly Salary Daily Rate Project Manager $120,000 $500 Analyst $75,000 $313 Developer $90,000 $375 Effort  Estimate      (in Days) TOTAL  Estimate      (in Days)
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Name Feature Create Contact Information Feature Update Contact Information Feature Check Max User Limit Feature Check Subscription Period Feature Pull up Billing Information Feature Cancel Subscription Feature Check Connection Outage Feature Reset Login Feature Reset Password Feature Reset Email Contact Feature Device Support Feature Frequently Asked Questions Bank Feature Check Processing Status Feature View Account Profile Data Subject Customer Identification
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Unformatted text preview: Data Subject Subscription Type Data Subject Max User Limit Data Subject Subscription Start Date Data Subject Subscription End Date Data Subject Total Subscription Time Data Subject Billing Address Data Subject Phone Number Data Subject Product Classification Data Subject Current Number Of Users Data Subject Cloud Storage Space Used Data Subject Total Could Storage Space Allotted Data Subject Database Network Provider Data Subject Login ID Data Subject User Password Data Subject Email Address Data Subject Contract Registration Date Data Subject Contract Termination Date Data Subject Devices In Use Requirement Type...
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