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F10-Homework 4 Instructions

F10-Homework 4 Instructions - MIS 302F Fall 2010 Homework 4...

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MIS 302F, Fall 2010 Homework 4 Background In this homework assignment, you will create a data model based on a problem description. This assignment includes elements that are based on your company from Homework 1 and is similar to the in-class data modeling exercise. Homework 4 is due via Blackboard before 10:59am on November 2 nd . Printed copies and handwritten responses will not be accepted. You must complete Homework 4 using Microsoft PowerPoint . For additional help, search Help in PowerPoint and/or visit http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint/ You will be given a PowerPoint template to complete this assignment. You will copy/paste the tables and relationships provided to complete your data model for this assignment. Your assignment should fit on a single PowerPoint slide. To download the homework template from Blackboard, use the following steps: 1. Select Assignments from the Course Menu 2. Click Homework 4 Assignment and the upload page will appear 3. On the right-hand side of the “Assignment Files” label, click the link “ F10- Homework 4 Template.ppt ” to download and save to your local computer. 4. Click Cancel To submit your assignment on Blackboard, follow these steps EXACTLY : o Mac Users : On the advice from UT’s technical support department, do NOT
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