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CS307 Spring 2008 Midterm 1 Solution and Grading Criteria. Grading acronyms ABA - Answer by Accident AIOBE - Array Index out of Bounds Exception may occur BOD - Benefit of the Doubt. Not certain code works, but, can't prove otherwise ECF - Error carried forward. Gacky or Gack - Code very hard to understand even though it works or solution is not elegant. (Generally no points off for this.) GCE - Gross Conceptual Error. Did not answer the question asked or showed fundamental misunderstanding NAP - No answer provided. No answer given on test NN - Not necessary. Code is unneeded. NPE - Null Pointer Exception may occur OBOE - Off by one error. Calculation is off by one. 1. Answer as shown or -2 unless question allows partial credit. No points off for differences in spacing and capitalization. If quotes included, okay. A. 17 B. 2.0 C. 4 D. Runtime error OR exception OR NullPointerException OR program crashes E. 1 2 3 -3 5 7 -1 10 4 F. 2000 Size: 1000 G. Size: 750 Size: 750 H. Size: 75 (Note: The reference is not printed out. This results in a call to toString on the object cp is referring to.) I. Runtime error if assertions are on OR JUST Runtime error OR AssertionError OR program crashes J. UCSD, Size: 750 K. Syntax error or Compile error L. class: AAAAA M. UT, Size: 750 N. No O. Trade, TimeStamp, Comparable, Object (all 4 needed. No partial credit)
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2. Comments: Any question that involves moving or shifting elements in an array leads to a variety of different solutions. I think the simplest approach was to find the min and then shift elements. It was necessary to maintain the relative order of all elements except the minimum. Common problems:
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Sp08m1Crit - CS307 Spring 2008 Midterm 1 Solution and...

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