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CS307 Spring 2010 Midterm 1 Solution and Grading Criteria. Grading acronyms: ABA - Answer by Accident AIOBE - Array Index out of Bounds Exception may occur BOD - Benefit of the Doubt. Not certain code works, but, can't prove otherwise ECF - Error carried forward. Gacky or Gack - Code very hard to understand even though it works or solution is not elegant. (Generally no points off for this.) GCE - Gross Conceptual Error. Did not answer the question asked or showed fundamental misunderstanding LE - Logic error in code. NAP - No answer provided. No answer given on test NN - Not necessary. Code is unneeded. Generally no points off NPE - Null Pointer Exception may occur OBOE - Off by one error. Calculation is off by one. 1. Answer as shown or -2 unless question allows partial credit. No points off for differences in spacing and capitalization. If quotes included, okay. A. [2, 6] (comma differences and brace differences okay, just need 2 and 6 in that order.) B. Runtime error OR exception or ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException C - F. Can be other than valid / invalid. Some way of saying declaration is okay or not. Explanations NOT needed. -1 each part C. 1. valid 2. invalid D. 1. invalid 2. valid E. 1. invalid 2. invalid F. 1. valid 2. valid G. false H. 6000 I. J's J. 100 4000 K. 2000 4000 L. 5000 M. The rooms variable is private and it is a syntax error to try and access it in any class besides the Residential class. (or words to that effect.) N. 0 [5, 12] (comma differences and brace differences okay.)
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This note was uploaded on 11/30/2010 for the course CS 307 taught by Professor Scott during the Spring '08 term at University of Texas at Austin.

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Spring10_M1_SuggestedSolutioAndGradingCrit - CS307 Spring...

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